Hi! I'm Sammi Pfeiffer
I studied graphic design and dance in college and now in my professional career I seek out spaces where they can connect. After leaving my full-time design job and moving across the country in July, I'm am actively looking for opportunities to collaborate and explore my artistry. 
Get in touch at sammipfeiffer@gmail.com
Industries I've worked in -
Small Business, E-commerce, Real Estate, Hospitality, Food + Beverage, Arts + Dance, Healthcare, Advertising

Projects I've worked on -
Responsive Email Campaigns, Ebooks, Landing Pages, Blog Visuals, One Pagers, Decks/Presentations, Illustrations, Email Headers, Digital Display Ads, Social Posts, Fact Cards, Gifs, Case Studies, Greeting Cards, Postcards, Headshots, Slideshares, Digital Invitations, Infographics, Responsive Webpage Layouts, Reorganization of Websites, Transferring Outdated Sites to new Wordpress Themes, Website Maintenance, Hero Images, Billboards, Print Ads, Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Banners, Direct Mail, Printed Invitations & Envelopes, Table Tents, Movie Theater Ads, Social Media Material, Logos, iMac Promotional Wings, Flyers, Leasing Window Wraps, Property Photography, Landing Pages, Beer Tap Handle Artwork, Coasters, Outside Design Agency Collaborations