I worked at Sidecar on a small in-house creative team! There were just two of us. I was responsible for working on print and web projects - which included responsive email campaigns, landing pages, and informational one page flyers - as well as taking over 100 company headshots
During the transition of my first supervisor to the new lead, I worked on all of team's projects for a little over a month. As an e-commerce marketing company, our work required a lot of abstract ideation and concepting. During my time there while we were trying to establish more of a consistent brand look and style, I developed many of the templates we were using - including ebooks and landing pages.
In addition, I was in charge of developing and and designing all of our web content. My knowledge of HTML, CSS, and front-end development made me the resource at the company for everything web. I was the lead on the development of all our custom email campaigns and our interactive employee portal.
My year and a half at Sidecar explored many, many creative projects in several different mediums and many of which I was the driving force for. I enjoyed coming up with creative solutions and growing the brand's voice!

Instagram Content
Responsive Email Header
Employee Portal
I worked on this project from the beginning to completion. I created and organized all of the UI, layouts, and map illustrations. We wanted to create a one stop shop for all our employee info that was easy to navigate, and took on more of an interactive, visual style rather than tons of text written out that people had to dig through like our previous portal. I also helped with writing the copy and organizing where all the information would be housed.
Employee Greeting Cards
Created using Foldable Greeting Card Mockup from ZippyPixels.com
Responsive Email Campaigns, Ebooks, Landing Pages, Blog Visuals, One Pagers, Decks/Presentations, Illustrations, Email Headers, Display Ads, Social Posts, Fact Cards, Gifs, Case Studies, Greeting Cards, Postcards, Company Headshots, Slideshares, Digital Invitations, Infographics

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